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Paid plans come with welcome set up support session from our product specialist! 

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Everyone that uses Channel Connect is automatically on a Standard Plan. Usually this would be provided to an organisation by their supplier. This provides the organisation the ability to quote and order directly from their supplier. 

The Standard plan may also be used when evaluating the product with some test data from our demo account. Should your Professional or Ultimate subscription expire then you would be moved to a Standard account. You'll loose access to some features, but your data will be available for historical and reporting purposes. 


Professional Plans are a great way to start using Channel Connect for your business, you may have been granted a Standard plan from a supplier, but want to expand on the features available. A Professional Plan will allow you to use CRM tools, and add your own products. You can assign price profiles and rules to your resellers and products. It also allows you to turn on Channel Privacy features so that your information is kept private from suppliers


This is the top-tier ultimate distributor plan. This allows your organisation to take full control of your channel. You can integrate with a range of other platforms such as accounting systems and support, plus you get to have your say in the next features we build! This plan also allows you to completely customise the appearance of Channel Connect so that your resellers will feel they are ordering directly from you! 

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