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Built for the channel

Channel Connect is built by the channel, for the channel! Below are some frequently asked questions, but if you have a question you need answered then connect with us

  • What is Channel Connect?
    Channel Connect is a quotation and sales tool specifically designed to support business operating in a channel distrbution model. The channel distrbution model is a way of distributing and selling goods across a network. It is usually suited to products and services that require a lot of support and pre-sales engagement from local companies (otherwise a manufacturer may as well just sell it themselves!) Channel partners or resellers are essentially the distributors customers. They may sell only the distributors product, or (in the case of Value Added Resellers VARs) they might bundle multiple distributors products along with thier own products/services to deliver complete solutions to an End-user.
  • What types of companies should use Channel Connect?
    Channel Connect is suitable for a variety of industries! It was built orignially to support a well establlished international software and hardware distribution business, so it's had to be flexible! Some key markets are: Electronic / IT equipment Software Health food / supplements
  • Will Channel Connect integrate with our accounting software?
    Yes, we work seamlessly with a variety of popular accounting softwares such as Xero.
  • Can Channel Connect integrate with other softwares we use, such as our stock management system?"
    We pride ourselves on being versatile and customisable to fit your needs. If we don't already have your software as an integrable partner, just speak with a member of our solutions team.
  • Can I store my product information on Channel Connect?
    Yes, Channel Connect allows you to store all your product information including item numbers, additional information such as nutritional facts or installation instructions, pricing structure, and categories.
  • Will all my clients have access to all of our products?
    No, we have built special permissions to ensure that your clients will only see the information you allow them to access, right down to specific products or prices. Permissions can be customised for anyone that has access to Channel Connect, including specific employees.
  • I'm worried about privacy and giving my resellers away!
    Don't worry, we feel you! Channel Connect was built with channel security in mind. Paid plan users can limit their accounts to hide their data from any account above them, meaning we cannot see you, or your resellers', details. Additionally Standard Plus accounts can limit their account to their parent only. Note: If a company has security to "Full Channel" but the parent account has "My Org Only" then any parent above that still won't see the account set to Full Channel No matter if you're on a free or paid plan we also promise to never use your information in any way that you haven't explicitly agreed to. Ultimately this product is about sharing information within your channel and that's where the information will stay. We will never sell information to advertisers. For more information please see our terms and conditions and review the privacy settings within your Channel Connect account under My Organisation >> Privacy. (admins only)
  • Can my clients receive quotes directly from Channel Connect?
    Yep! Your clients simply login to their Channel Connect portal and will immediately be able to quote/order the products you give them access to. Once they’ve completed their quote, an email will automatically be sent out to them and your Account Manager.
  • We have a very complicated ordering system and a lot of conditions apply. Will this system be able to cater to that?
    Yes, that's what we pride ourselves on! Channel Connect includes very detailed customisable features, meaning less human error and more efficient processing for you and your staff. You can completely customise your pricing; negotiate different prices for different clients, choose from a multitude of pricing schemes, and even adjust price based on other items included in the order. You can setup conditions within your quoting system that allow you to carry out complicated orders completely automatically.
  • What if I need to communicate with a client about an order?
    Channel Connect has a discussion board on every quote/order allowing you to get in touch with questions or clarifications. There is also a Notes section where clients can enter specific requests regarding their order.
  • Am I able to track quotes on Channel Connect?
    Absolutely. Channel Connect generates reports that allow you to see when quotes have been converted to orders, are incomplete, or are about to expire.
  • Will it take long to input all our information?
    Nope, we’ve created an easy-to-use function for bulk importing to make the conversion process as convenient as possible.
  • How do I sign up!?
    Get in touch with our Sales Team, and we will give you a demonstration of the power of Channel Connect!
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